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"You have a gift for working with young people, and your Divine purpose involves helping, teaching, or parenting children."

Additional Message: "Children respond to your openhearted nature. You are also charmed by their straight-forward honesty, laughter, and innocence. In many ways, they engage and heal your own inner child. You seek to give these children that which you desired when you were young. You also feel an inner calling to improve the lives of children, and you may wonder about the best way to proceed."

"I am with you as a guardian angel who delights in bringing you new opportunities to help children. All you need to do is notice the young people whom I bring into your orbit. Be your delightful self with these children, and the rest will take care of itself. As soon as you're ready for an increased role, please say the word to me, and I will increase the number of lives you touch. Please be assured that I understand your temperament and will only bring you to situations that match your passions, talents, and interests. You are a blessing to children everywhere!"

(I only wish I could ask for that increased role now)
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So, now that pagan pride is over, you know the first thing I said to myself was...

I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead, I died, I'm dead.

Still feeling dead, actually. Being that active, at my size, makes my body hurt and rundown for a while afterwards. I usually have to be nonactive for a few days after. I can still function, but my body aches here and there. I probably need to rest more, but unfortunately, work started again. boo. No whole day with nothing to do but sit around and do nothing. :(

Pagan Pride actually came off quite well I think. There were a few small glitches, but nothing that isn't common with events. Nothing major happened at all that would cause me too much stress. I'm sure it caused other people stress who weren't used to putting on events, but I didn't tear my hair out, which is cool. :D

I had an amazing team who helped out IMMENSELY! Amber, a wonderful volunteer, was basically a one woman Brute Squad and she was AMAZING. Iona was invaluable as the slave driver of my brain and her presence was soooo welcome. Thuri created a beautiful and very touching ritual for those that remained to participate. I was in pain by that time so I had to sit for a while and when I took off my shoes and stretched my feet, I'm sure all the people were thoroughly entertained with my noises and face contortions. OOOOO!!! EEEEEEE!!!!! AAAAAAA!!!! I will be writing a letter to the community with a rundown of the events and my full thanks to everyone. Pagan Pride just can't happen without the community. :)

So, as I mentioned in the title, here is my next project

Angel of the Home )

As most of you know, my home is not a sanctuary. It is a collection space for clutter and stuff I drop out of my arms when I come home. So, time to fix that. I can usually clean in small spurts, but I really want to clear my home of ALL unwanted and unneeded items. I need to streamline my home as much as possible so only things that are near and dear to my heart occupy my space. I plan on having a GIVE-AWAY soon. When I get everything sorted and cleansed and ready, I will be sending invites out for people to come and take it all away. I'd rather give to those I love first and strangers second. I have tons of craft stuff I have to create with too. This won't be a "garage sale" type of thing. Well, not all of it, anyway. But a Give-Away is a sacred thing where you give honor to those who have given you what you needed to live, learn, and thrive. This will be my way of giving back in one of the only ways I can think of that will help me in addition to helping others.

So, off I go to find myself underneath all of that clutter.

well. maybe after my body has rejuvenated a little first. breakfast might help. :>

p.s. Angel Oracle is a new online oracle I found. Pretty darn cool if you ask me.

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Apr. 12th, 2006 01:51 pm
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Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. - Messages From Your Angels

"You have a special bond with animals. Your pets on Earth and in Heaven are watched over by angels."

Additional Message: "Animals respond to your kind and gentle ways. You have a special understanding of them. You can relate to the innocence and trusting nature of animals, and you feel a call to help them. I am one of your guardian angels, and I am here to tell you of the beautiful ripple effect that your relationship with animals has created. Your love for animals has also forged a deep bond and appreciation with you and the nature angels."

"All of the animals whom you have ever loved continue to be with you like guardian angels. Your love for them keeps these animals at your side forever. Your pets in Heaven are happy, spiritually healthy, and playful and affectionate. Your pets on Earth are surrounded by angels who bestow miracles upon you and them. In many ways, the animals act as angels for you and your loved ones. You are someone who truly appreciates the angelic qualities of animals. You are able to communicate wordlessly with these wondrous creatures, and your special bond with the animal kingdom is opening new doors for you right now."

(I actually got this card in a reading for myself today, but I knew it was meant for you too. <3 )
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A wonderful lady named Lisa founded and moderates a tribe called "Angelic Awareness". She is a channel for different Angelic Entities. Whether or not you believe that the messages that these people put forth are genuine, the one I am sharing with you today really resonates with me and I fully believed this before I even read it. I hope it resonates with you as well.


Hello all, love of light to you - the following is a brief message i received today when I spoke to my Angels about why we are attracted to the people we are.

'My child, attraction is of a higher source than most of the earthly realms would acknowledge. On high the word of 'attraction' has very little meaning , in its place is the word of 'recognition' for in truth this is what attraction is- recognition of the light of anothers soul, recognition of a soul we have known or loved before, recognition of a soul who can help us to learn & grow. Physical attraction is often considered to be of the ego state however in truth, is another way of souls recognising those they know can help them evolve. It needs be said child, that attraction has a purpose in life & that even in relationships that are lacking, the intial attraction and the lessons learnt cannot be denied. Not all lessons of evolvement bring joy, this is acknowledged on high, yet all bring growth & movement and so the lesson is learnt.
As the Great Mother moves forward on Her cycle of ascention, many will begin to feel the energy of those around them who 'belong' to the same 'soul family'. This is new for many but is truth, no less. In cycles to come the 'soul family' will become acknowledged as souls resonate towards like souls to grow & expand.
Accept attraction as it is for in its simplest form it is recognition of an opportunity to grow.
I bring you love & peace beloved one - I am Kahlih of the first ray.'

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