Sep. 10th, 2007

mamagaea: (True Love (spuffy))
So, now that pagan pride is over, you know the first thing I said to myself was...

I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead, I died, I'm dead.

Still feeling dead, actually. Being that active, at my size, makes my body hurt and rundown for a while afterwards. I usually have to be nonactive for a few days after. I can still function, but my body aches here and there. I probably need to rest more, but unfortunately, work started again. boo. No whole day with nothing to do but sit around and do nothing. :(

Pagan Pride actually came off quite well I think. There were a few small glitches, but nothing that isn't common with events. Nothing major happened at all that would cause me too much stress. I'm sure it caused other people stress who weren't used to putting on events, but I didn't tear my hair out, which is cool. :D

I had an amazing team who helped out IMMENSELY! Amber, a wonderful volunteer, was basically a one woman Brute Squad and she was AMAZING. Iona was invaluable as the slave driver of my brain and her presence was soooo welcome. Thuri created a beautiful and very touching ritual for those that remained to participate. I was in pain by that time so I had to sit for a while and when I took off my shoes and stretched my feet, I'm sure all the people were thoroughly entertained with my noises and face contortions. OOOOO!!! EEEEEEE!!!!! AAAAAAA!!!! I will be writing a letter to the community with a rundown of the events and my full thanks to everyone. Pagan Pride just can't happen without the community. :)

So, as I mentioned in the title, here is my next project

Angel of the Home )

As most of you know, my home is not a sanctuary. It is a collection space for clutter and stuff I drop out of my arms when I come home. So, time to fix that. I can usually clean in small spurts, but I really want to clear my home of ALL unwanted and unneeded items. I need to streamline my home as much as possible so only things that are near and dear to my heart occupy my space. I plan on having a GIVE-AWAY soon. When I get everything sorted and cleansed and ready, I will be sending invites out for people to come and take it all away. I'd rather give to those I love first and strangers second. I have tons of craft stuff I have to create with too. This won't be a "garage sale" type of thing. Well, not all of it, anyway. But a Give-Away is a sacred thing where you give honor to those who have given you what you needed to live, learn, and thrive. This will be my way of giving back in one of the only ways I can think of that will help me in addition to helping others.

So, off I go to find myself underneath all of that clutter.

well. maybe after my body has rejuvenated a little first. breakfast might help. :>

p.s. Angel Oracle is a new online oracle I found. Pretty darn cool if you ask me.

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