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Aug. 6th, 2008 12:36 pm
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Went to the Gorge a few weeks back. Found this awesome slideshow application that goes with Flickr, so here y'all go! :D

click on the picture to forward to the next slide. Plus, if you move your mouse over the bottom, you can see the thumbnails, and if you put the pointer over "notes", you can read any description of the photo I may have made. :)

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In case anyone wanted to know what vaginoplasties are supposed to do.

Before and After pictures

The bottom example really needed the surgery. Looked like her vagina was about to fall out of herself. :P

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Here is a Nordic newspaper that has a slideshow of the tiger diving for his dinner.

And here is a gentleman on Deviant Art that took some photos of his own. Dey's gorgeous, plus the rest of his photography is beautiful too.
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Found on [ profile] lupabitch

Possible UFO pictures.

Lupa used the term FSM, but I don't know what that means.
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Hey, everybody. Remember Shia Lebeouf from Even Stevens and Holes?

Here he is in this summer's live-action TRANSFORMERS

Guess what? He grew up. )
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Yeah, I have herpes simplex. You wanna say sumthin about it? Huh? Do ya? Do ya Do ya Do ya? I thought not!

small snicker


Actually, I welcome this outbreak because I had a really bad day yesterday with very upsetting and horrible dreams and it caused me to have a bad day spent in bed most of the time. I view the outbreak as a release of toxic energies that I can now heal.

I went to sleep around 1 am or so and got up at about 7:30 and read the rest of the book I was reading, "The Golden Compass" by Philip Pullman. I didn't have any dreams before I woke up, which I was very happy about. After I was done with my book, I went back to sleep. I had wonderful dreams involving Disneyland and being part of a welcoming committee in the Sherwood Forest. It was wonderful and fanciful and I got to dress in glittering splendor, watching metallic embroidery weave clothing around me. I had a wishing ring that I didn't need anymore. I was wearing rings on all my fingers already and it didn't fit anywhere. I gave it to the chancellor and he put it on a toy crown on a shelf for safe-keeping, but it activated the crown with lights and movement and it signified the baby in the crib was the true princess of the royal couple. (I think. it was super cool anyway that I provided the final link to the activation of something wonderful) There was lots more involving different parts of Disneyland and stuff, but I won't go into it. Disneyland may make some people angry because of whatever; I just know that my heart belongs there with all the healing that childhood can bring and the rollercoasters and everything else. I just love Disney. Sorry, but I do.

So, today I woke up with "the lip". I decided to take pictures and test how well my new camera phone works. You can find the pics under the cut. And in case any of you were wondering, I am feeling much better today. It took me a long time to wake up. My brain was awake, but I couldn't get my body to move. Some of it would jerk a little and then go dormant again. My foot would rotate, but then go silent. I probably laid there for over 45 minutes waiting for my body to wake up. Finally, when my brain was awake enough to be tired of just sitting there, I said to the heavens "anybody who's floating around out there with positive good intentions, I could use some help waking up now. And yes, I could use help waking up in more than just the one sense, but if you could help me wake up now, I'd really appreciate it." About 20 seconds later, I felt a jerking pull in my midsection, making my center convulse and activating the rest of my body to move and stretch and get going. THANK YOU! And my head is a hell of a lot clearer now too.

So, here's those pics and have a nice day. hugs and love always.

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Under the tree at Pioneer Courthouse Square in downtown Portland, OR.

Greetings from under the tree.  :)

More tree photos under the cut

see more here! You want to see my pretty pictures, don't you... )
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You see, not only does he have a blog that I subscribe to through LJ,

he also has a Flickr account...

I truly heart that man! :D
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Me...and )
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They were offline for a very long time and now they're back and I got deluged with massive amounts of...

KITTEN PHOTOS! 19 to be exact. )

Prepare to make all kinds of OOOOOs and AWWWWWWs
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Image002.jpg, originally uploaded by Christina's Play Place.

Ok, so I pretty much have been bouncing off the walls today. It's been nothing but silly, silly, silly. On the way out to my bus, shortly before I took this, I had some trail mix in a little container and I was shaking it like a maraca, telling everyone I walked by that it was a maraca, and bouncing up and down shaking my new found maraca going "doo doo doo doo doo".

I got into the bus and while taking this pic laughed like Goofy moving my head up and down. I laughed out loud for a whole minute when I saw my picture.


And my silliness lasted all the rest of the day. Just ask everyone that came over to full moon tonight.


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Found growing out from beneath a sidewalk and a curb. Usually pansies are grown in sheltered environments and people plant them fully blossomed in their flower beds purely for show.

This one grew all by itself.

Words to live by, a metaphor for life. Enjoy.

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This is why SPRING is my favorite season:


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Love Killer, originally uploaded by Christina's Play Place.

I LOVE this!

(text in heart that you can't read)
Love Kill Die
Love Kill Die
Love Kill Die
Love Kill Die
Love Kill Die

(found in hallway at Backspace leaning against the wall. Had to take a picture.)

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Washroom Art2, originally uploaded by Christina's Play Place.

No, I'm not being racist. I just think the title fits.

Is this a lost member of Gorillaz?

(found in the other washroom at Backspace)

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Washroom Angel, originally uploaded by Christina's Play Place.

Found at Backspace, NW 5th and Couch. And true to Androgynous form, the angel has a penis.

I like it!

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The Rosette Nebula - from Astronomy Picture of the Day [ profile] apod

When Roses Aren't Red
Credit & Copyright: Jay Ballauer (All About Astro, 3RF)
Explanation: Not all roses are red of course, but they can still be very pretty. Likewise, the beautiful Rosette Nebula and other star forming regions are often shown in astronomical images with a predominately red hue - in part because the dominant emission in the nebula is from hydrogen atoms. Hydrogen's strongest optical emission line, known as H-alpha, is in the red region of the spectrum, but the beauty of an emission nebula need not be appreciated in red light alone. Other atoms in the nebula are also excited by energetic starlight and produce narrow emission lines as well. In this gorgeous view of the Rosette's central regions, narrow band images are combined to show emission from sulfur atoms in red, hydrogen in blue, and oxygen in green. In fact, the scheme of mapping these narrow atomic emission lines into broader colors is adopted in many Hubble images of stellar nurseries. This image spans about 50 light-years in the constellation Monoceros, at the 3,000 light-year estimated distance of the Rosette Nebula.

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