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Are you a nerd?

a-what is an imzadi?
b-the hive queen and the ______?
c-comic book guys last words?
d-david byrne went to which new england art school?
e-thomas pynchon's favorite band?
f-fortran5 is ______?
g-'spellbound' is the name of 2 movies, which have you seen more recently?
h-schrodinger's dog/cat/turtle/mouse?
i-name 5 of brian eno's musical projects.
j-pronounce 'hegemony'(hint, this is sort of the answer to one of the other's also a trick question).


I can answer a, b, and h confidently. I guess that makes me 1/3 nerd according to Moby's definition. How many can you answer?

EDIT: Ok, dummy me was thinking band names instead of what "f" actually is, so I know that too, and I was right on how to pronounce "hegemony". So I'm up 2 more points. So that makes me 1/2 nerd. COOL! :D
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I'm beginning to really love Chihuahuas. I think I want a long haired one. :D
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May 13, 2006 - new york city

ok, let's look at the evidence...

1-gm announced that they're going to stop making Humvee's(aka-hummers, aka-big cars for idiots with small penises, aka-the automobile of the apocalypse, etc) for civilian sales.

2-according to the wall st journal george bush's approval ratings have slipped into the 20 percent range. again: aka-very, very low. aka-disastrously low. aka-republicans now see gw bush as a huge liability. etc.

3-nu metal(aka-'rape rock', aka-the soundtrack for date rape on spring break, aka-testosterone fueled music for men who will someday beat their spouses, etc)is basically dead and gone.

i know it sounds crazy...but could things in america be getting...better?
are americans waking up from a somnambulent era wherein rape rock ruled the airwaves and small penised men drove cars that got 4 miles to the gallon and people gave their approval to a president who lied every time he opened his weasely little mouth?

is it possible?
my deepest hope is that the democrats re-take the house and senate in november and impeach bush and throw cheney and wolfowitz and rumsfeld in jail for war crimes and treason.
it'll probably never happen, but a boy can dream...
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Found this lovely gem on [ profile] mobyjournal

SUV's are the scourge of the planet and it just doesn't seem like the auto manufacturers care. They guzzle gas and destroy the atmosphere. Every time I see an Escalade or a Hummer, I just want to pummel the driver yelling WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!

Well, somebody's thinking. Chevy launched an advertising campaign asking for submissions for car ad spots, calling it Chevy's Apprentice. I urge EVERYONE to view this before Chevy realizes it's there and yanks it.


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