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2008-02-01 12:34 am
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Eli Stone

Saw the new show today. It had the best description of God I've ever heard.

Justice, Love, Sunrises, that's God.

It's gonna be a good show.
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2007-11-12 02:26 pm
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Have you Hulu-ed?

Have you heard about Hulu?

They haven't completely launched yet, but you will be able to watch massive amounts of premium tv, movie, and clip content streaming to your computer. No more having to set the VCR? No more having to set the DVR? Just go to Hulu to catch up and watch shows you wouldn't normally be able to watch if you don't have cable.

And to think I wouldn't have heard about it at all if I hadn't watched this video explaining more about the Writer's Guild Strike.


Thank you for your time. :)

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2007-08-14 09:46 am
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Secrets of the Masons

Looky what's on PBS tonight.

Secrets Of Masons
(TV) Tuesday, Aug 14 at 10:00 PM
This program uncovers the truth about the Freemasons and explores its surprising role in the founding of America.

Well, it's on OPB ch. 10 around here anyway. I'd look to see if it's on in your area today too. :)
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2007-08-05 08:43 pm
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I have TV again! :D

So, I gave in and reactivated an old Yahoo account so I could do freecycle. Not proud of that, but I've been able to give away books and stuff and people come and get it from me. Well, I just got a 1987 Sony 20" TV!


It works great, too. :) I don't ever plan on getting cable, and now all I need is a VCR so I can watch my VHS movies.

Thank you, Universe, for meeting my needs. :)

I get to watch OPB again and I'm now watching a show on Parrots (Macaws). :)