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Found Mondo Mini Shows on iTunes in the podcast area.

I found THE GOD AND DEVIL SHOW! I had completely forgotten about that! It's SO AWESOME! I'm downloading all of the podcasts they have available, which is 22 episodes!

THEN, I'm downloading all of the HAPPY TREE FRIENDS podcasts, which is 72 CARTOON SHORTS!


Course, then, I'll have to download all of the Indiefeed electronica and blues songs and the KRCW Top Tunes of the Day, and Barenaked Ladies, and JOE CARTOON.

Such a wonderful day for explicit cartoons and music. YAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jul. 20th, 2006 09:40 am
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I fully admit I haven't explored very deeply into the genres of podcasts. I am still mostly a newbie when it comes to those things. I don't even own an iPod. Just can't justify the expense, really. But something's got to be said for being able to subscribe to one podcast "Indiefeed Alternative Modern Rock" and then being able to download the last year and a half of podcasts for free.

Yes, that's pretty sweet.
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then click the other colors.

wide eyed, mouth agape speechless.

You can download them all for free as podcasts to your iTunes. I HIGHLY recommend it!

I was staring in awe and amazement and horror at the Pandas in BLACK. Haven't watched the rest yet, but I will. Oh... I will.
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All of these podcasts are free. They come from, which is the online Journal for the Nature Publishing Group, "The world's best science and medicine on your desktop." I have bolded certain topics that I think some may find interesting. Enjoy! :)

  • 13 April 2006: Audio (mp3 file) | Text (html)
    Yeast make antimalarials, bright future for new bulbs, bird flu in the UK, 'superagonist', spinal chord treatment controversy, a new optical microscope, and the origin of australopithecus.

  • 06 April 2006: Audio (mp3 file) | Text (html)
    Tiktaalik - the missing link, moondust and the solarwind, the island of Tuvalu, lost artifacts found, naked molerats, annamox bacteria, and parasites and their hosts' predators.

  • 30 March 2006: Audio (mp3 file)
    The moonlets of Saturn's ring system, the Sim Universe, stem cells from sperm, Italian scientists' angst, who made Dolly and other issues of authorship, grey matter and IQ, and fighting cholesterol with RNAi.

  • 23 March 2006: Audio (mp3 file)
    Adventures on half the Amazon, ancient bacteria, Africa's hydrodams, medical trial bioethics, the Big Bang, pin-pointing protective proteins, ion channels, and 2020 vision: the future of computing.

  • 16 March 2006: Audio (mp3 file)
    The firefly light, the ultrasonic frog chorus, super-solid helium at the American Physics Society meeting, colour-coded bacteria, and the art and architecture of DNA.

  • 09 March 2006: Audio (mp3 file)
    Poisonous frogs, Trypanosome tails, 'stepping' cells, the oldest star in the universe, Snuppy is a real clone, fusion controversy bubbles over, and US evangelists take on global warming politics.

  • 02 March 2006: Audio (mp3 file)
    Asian earthquake and tsunami, early maize and agriculture, foot and mouth vaccination strategies, and animal rights versus scientific freedom.

  • 23 February 2006: Audio (mp3 file)
    Malaria's cloaking device, Japan's lost eels and Royal genes, new moons for Pluto, deep sea wonders and womens' place in science.

  • 16 February 2006: Audio (mp3 file)
    Cane toads in Australia, 3D mapping and Google earth, New species found, avian flu in Africa, CO2 and water levels, ionic liquids, brain responses to positive and negative stimuli.

  • 09 February 2006: Audio (mp3 file)
    T-Rex's relatives, the rise of Tibet, Krakatoa's sea legacy, Jack the Dripper, planetary conundrums, mouldy metals and a tale of two fish.

  • 02 February 2006: Audio (mp3 file)
    'Flyght' simulators, modelling malaria, catching cancer, Alma in the Andes, the Digital Universe, and Pluto's big brother.

  • 26 January 2006: Audio (mp3 file)
    The primate police, bird flu mutates, flying snails, barcoding the island of Moorea, and money and human movements.

  • 19 January 2006: Audio (mp3 file)
    Sea floors and asteroids, the nature of revenge, whiskey in the jar, let's ear it for evolution, Stardust, cosmic clouds, and no hope for 'scopes.

  • 12 January 2006: Audio (mp3 file)
    Cosmic collisions, frogs feel the heat, why plants aren't so green, and ant school: the first example of animal teaching.

  • 05 January 2006: Audio (mp3 file)
    Internet mashups, Nature's Avian flu mashup, the size of the moon, the drive of the bee hive, and the origins of breasts.

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