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Newest SCAM

OMG! Look at the CRAP someone is sending out now. This is the biggest load of horse shit I have ever seen. OMG.

The Case Company (UK) Ltd
Unit 3, Leighton Court
Lower Eggleton
Ledbury HR8 2UN.
Reply Email: (( ))
Telephone : +44-703-192-2397

Good day to you, Your contact was sent to this office by our
internet recruitment team. We are The Case Company (UK) Ltd.
One of Europe leading manufacture of Extrusion
Blow Moulded cases, The Case Company has earned a reputation for
and innovation that is reflected in our market leading range of
cases. We have many years experience in the supply & manufacture
of protective case solutions for a wide range of requirements;
providing quality, design, function and eye-catching presentation.
Our products have been continually developed taking advantage
of advancements in both material and manufacturing technology.
Due to increase in customers from america region we are searching
for representatives in USA and CANADA to assist us in establishing
a medium to connect to our costumers more efficiently.

As part time staff/Representative we shall instruct client who are
not able to send payment over sea to make out payment to you for
the company.

Note that for every transaction processed, you will receive 10% of the
total amount. Our product price range starts at $3,200.00. At
10% you are guaranteed a minimum of $320+ per order.
We guarantee that you can start making money as early as this weeks,
and you don't need to invest your money, just your spare time to
process orders via email. Please email through private
mail on (( )) the following
information in order for us to facilitate the conclusion of this
proposal if accepted.

1. Full Names
2. Full Contact Address/House address (no postal address please)
3. Phone/Fax Number
4. Occupation
5. Country
6. Age

Best Regards.
Mrs.Julie Butler (CEO)
The Case Company (UK) Ltd