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She needs to weigh a little bit more. ;)
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More people treating sacred sites with irreverance. I would protest with them if I could.
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Le Marchand de sable

OMG...(holding hand over mouth)

More under the cut!

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ok, I think 6 vids is enough for now. :)
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Official site of the short film "terres concientes" - Stonexperience

watch the short film HERE

I hope this one got an Oscar nomination somewhere. Or at least a french award.
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Hey, they may be in french, but they're still totally cool!

Make sure and check out Sigg Jones
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Gary Hart on the Daily show. Yes, he was already laminated in 1987.
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I love video-c because you can actually watch videos. This handsome duo got delivered to my emailbox this morning. Thought I would share. :) They would be a great addition to FM 105.1 The Buzz if you ask me. :)

Sons of Jim - My Burning Sun

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then click the other colors.

wide eyed, mouth agape speechless.

You can download them all for free as podcasts to your iTunes. I HIGHLY recommend it!

I was staring in awe and amazement and horror at the Pandas in BLACK. Haven't watched the rest yet, but I will. Oh... I will.
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o m g. zombie break dancers, pussy corpse trolls, and a zombie midget michael jackson impersonator.

"Somebody's Watching Me - Beatfreakz

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Fetching kitties

Eiri fetches his mouse

Audrey I want Audrey!

Kittens Cat montage from AFV. HILARIOUS! Dude, in one spot, the owner throws a kitten up to the ceiling and it latches on!

Mia is smart bring back that little silver ball, now.

And FINALLY...something completely off topic

Animal Does Sunoco Oh, how far the Muppet has gone...

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