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I get to dress up and wear makeup tomorrow. I have 2 interviews scheduled in practically the same area one right after the other. I can walk to the other interview. One at 10:45 and one at 12:30. Either job would be AWEsome. I got a great response from the people at the first interview when we did an initial phone interview. They were chomping at the bit to bring me in for an in person interview. It's a realtor, but it's a conscious realty office, so I think it has opportunity written all over it.

The second interview is with LAIKA! YES, I SAID LAIKA! Who is Laika? WHO IS LAIKA?! Well, gee, let's see. Formerly Will Vinton Studios, home of the California Raisins and the birthplace of claymation. And Laika is making CORALINE, a stop-motion animation movie written by NEIL GAIMAN, and directed by HENRY SELICK!

Gee, I would absolutely hate working there. (insert extreme sarcasm here).

I'll take either one. I think Laika would be a harder job, but an enormously exciting place to work. The realty job is a lot more personable and I would be point person in the office for outside contact. Not receptionist, but the behind the scenes person. I'll find out more about that job in the interview.

I would ask for energy, but it didn't work for any of the other interviews I asked for positive energy for. So I will just ask for this.

Cross your fingers for me.

Loving you all,
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Bad news first.

I had an infestation of larvae today in the kitchen. I was SOOOO freaked out! Turns out they are some kind of moth larvae that likes to eat dry goods. They got in ALL my rice. There were tons of cocoons on the ceiling and some of the larvae crawling around up there. It was SO GROSS! I was shuddering everywhere. I got the bucket out, filled it with HOT water and bleach, and scrubbed the walls, the cabinets, and everything. I still have a lot of things to clean, but I got rid of all the icky grodiness.

I IMMEDIATELY had to go out and buy stuff I don't have the money for. I bought an airtight bulk storage canister set. On sale at Target for $20. I bought an extra module along with the set. I also bought more rice. I put my pasta, beans, rice, and instant potatoes in there. I will have to buy a couple more containers for my baking mix and the rest of the potatoes, but now at least, my rice and dry good are protected. (shuuddderrrr)


I got notified today that I was one of 83 applicants that got a score of 1.00 on the Police Records Specialist Trainee test for the Portland Police Bureau (that's the highest score you can get). So, I get to move on to step two. They will eventually contact me to take a keyboarding test. If I make it past that, I will get an in person interview. And if I make it past that they will do an extensive background check.

Hey, at least I did well on the test, right?

Ok, off to bed to dream of bugs, I'm sure. shudddderrrr
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My greatest weakness - setting proper boundaries.

I can talk about how I used to let people get their way and allow more dominant personalities to have their way even when it bothered me. Over the past year or so, I have worked very hard to be able to set proper boundaries and when someone does or says something that bothers me or makes me uncomfortable, I can approach them in an assertive but constructive way and discuss my concerns. That way I am staying true to myself and also working towards making a stronger more cohesive workplace.


How's that?
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Ok, I just got called for an interview for Administrative Specialist for the Oregon Law Institute at Lewis and Clark College. I REALLY want this job. However, there is always one question that stymies me a bit, and it usually stymies most people. So, instead of me trying to figure out for myself the answer, I would like to ask you guys.

PLEASE, only people who really KNOW me answer.

"If we were to ask your friends and co-workers, what would they say are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?"

And remember, this is for me to work on my answers for interview purposes. Thank you for your support. :)
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Both OPB and the Oregon Symphony are hiring for adminstrative/development assistants in their development/gift planning departments. I would be SO into working for either organization. :) I applied to both and feel my cover letters rocked this time around I'll include it under the cut.

crossing fingers.

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Interviewed for part time Event Manager at the Expo Center yesterday. Just heard back from the hiring manager today. They chose a stronger candidate. It was really nice that he contacted me, though. He was super nice and he actually said to keep in touch. He said he was interested in hearing about my career pursuits. I don't know how we would ever be in any social circles for me to do that. Am I just supposed to call him up and chat with him about my career pursuits? *skrinkled brow* But it was really nice of him to say that anyway.

I'm still in the running for part time Event Manager for the Oregon Convention Center. They are just now looking at applications to choose interview candidates. That was where I applied to originally, so I am hoping they call me. Expo Center would have been nice, but I like the Convention Center better.

I probably should have asked him if he had any advice for me for future interviews, but he made it sound like I was one of the top candidates, just someone else was stronger. And it was out of 30 people.

I think I'm eeking towards getting something in my career field. I just have to be persistant. :)
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Got an email from Reed College. They decided to move forward with candidates with stronger qualifications than me. sigh. Well, that's ok, truthfully. Even though Reed is a very liberal college, the general consensus I've felt is that place is RAWTHER snobby. And they had pictures of the people who I would be working with. Definitely not my kind of people. I probably would have felt very uncomfortable there.

Oh well. Off I go for more job searching. Applying for an Admin Assistant position at PSU right now.
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Oh well. I didn't really want to spend all my time filling orders and weighing out powder to fill bottles anyway. The guy charges $100 for a bottle of water that all he did to it was restructure the water molecules somehow. I had reservations when I saw the prices of his products anyway.

So, now I'm off to take the exam for Police Records Specialist and to spend money I don't have on a printer cartidge to continue my job search.

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He didn't call today. I was out and about and there wasn't a message waiting for me from him when I got home. I sincerely hope he calls tomorrow. But now I have to go take that exam for Police Records Specialist for the Portland Police Department. I hope I do well. I should, but I don't know how many people will be taking the test or how many positions are open. Now I have to go to the store and spend more money I don't have so I can get a printer cartridge so I can fill out more job applications. Joy.
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Well, it's official. I got my scores from my interviews and test scores from Longview, and I am at the bottom of 8 people who passed with 70% or above. They were going to pick the candidate over the top 3. Oh well. KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED FOR THE OFFICE POSITION!

I'm supposed to hear back today.

I petition the heavens to send me where I am most needed.

Your daughter,
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Have a job interview with a Dr. today. $15/hr office job with beucoup bennies. 1 mile away from me. Holistic healing business. Any positive energy would be appreciated.


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