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Gonna have to find this book

From The Publisher

There is something in all of us that keeps us from being who and what we could be. Called 'the Shadow' by Carl Jung, this part of us feeds our fears, inhibits our spontaneity and shuts down our natural selves. In Healing the Shadow, Santa Fe Shaman, Ross Bishop, offers a unique perspective on the shadow and how to deal with it. This truly remarkable book provides readers with the tools and resources to manifest positive change in their lives.

Healing The Shadow renders the ancient concepts of Shamanic healing into a form that can both be understood and used in the modern Western world. This book explains why your life is the way it is and provides meaningful help in managing it. That's a bold promise, but read the book. It delivers.

Shadow explains the origins of our stifled passion and how the fears and anxieties held in the shadow affects everything we do. In addition to explaining these limiting forces, the book offers practical tools to help you move through your self-limiting beliefs and fears. Most notable of these is a presentation, for the first time in print, of the ancient Shamanic practice of "soul retrieval" adapted from tribal society to fit the needs of our culture.

Healing The Shadow is a transforming and life enhancing book. It is one of the best guides to understanding and transforming life you will ever read. Once you understand what has been really going on you will be in a vastly better position to make the changes you desire. This book brings answers at a time when we desperately need new insights and new understandings. Ross's book, created over years of Shamanic healing practice, brings the tools and understanding that will allow the repressed and hidden inner you to emerge into the sunlight feeling safe, confident and aware.

From the Author

Ross Bishop explains: The Shadow is the domain of our pain that prevents us from being the persons we want to be. Called "The Shadow"; by Carl Jung, this realm is the domain of our pain, of our fear. It is that dark place where the "other" impulses originate that hold us back, make us fearful and keep us feeling inadequate. They stifle our passion and limit our ability to be creative. We know these forces as fear and anxiety. We chalk them up to insecurity or personal inadequacy and try to live with them as best we can. When we search for answers or try to deal with them we can hit a brick wall of fear and resistance. We struggle, we hobble, we hurt. It does not have to be that way.
Years ago a colleague and I traveled the country conducting workshops for ad writers and art directors on how to be more creative. Our workshops were a big hit. They were entertaining, we had a lot of fun and we found that we could teach people who were already creative how to be even more so. We gave them all sorts of techniques and taught them powerful approaches, but when it came right down to it, each person had to come face to face with their own fear (their shadow) and it hobbled their ability to fly freely. I decided then and there to search for the answer.
The work with my own teachers and helping others to heal for 25 years has given me a lot of insight into how to present this material so that it can be heard and accepted. I think that there are some unique and powerful insights in Shadow, and I am proud of those, but what gives the book its real power I think, is that it is understandable. There is a great deal of material in this book, so it’s not the kind of book you start and finish in a short time. It’s a book to linger over and savor. Since the book's release the feedback we have received has confirmed that we did a good job, and as an author, that is most gratifying.

promise you there will never be a moment
when you look back at life and say,
"That was silly."
You will say,
"That was love seeking to know itself."

It may be hard to believe, but your life is perfect. {2} Your life - the people in it and the events that occur - is an exquisitely structured process designed to move you toward Mastery. Perfection is not, as you might have hoped, like a placid, calm and serene pond where only gentle breezes dance across the glassy surface. That is ultimate perfection. It is a wonderful and most desirable goal, but the achievement of that placid, calm existence is not a calm and peaceful process. By its very nature, change is disturbing and unsettling. From God's point of view, the process of perfecting creates opportunities for us to learn and grow. And that means that there will be waves on the pond.

You might not always agree in the moment, but over time you will come to see your life as a succession of perfectly crafted challenges to those places where you do not move energy easily. The trick is to remain free of the emotional entanglements that catch you in the circumstances of the moment and not miss the larger learning opportunities. Some people's ponds are always in turmoil, and although they are presented with opportunity after opportunity to learn, they are so caught up in the tumult that the lessons elude them. They lose sight of the larger agenda. God's view is of the long term; on the growth of the soul through lifetime after lifetime of experience.

The principle of perfection holds that our lives are exactly as they need to be. As Emmanuel points out, "Who you are is a necessary step to being who you will be. . .."{3} That is not always clear to us because we are in the pond, trying to stay afloat. Once you raise your view up above the waves, the larger picture becomes clear. In each moment the Universal School presents us with exactly what we need to move toward Mastery. The lessons are exquisitely crafted and perfect. We are never given more than we can handle, and we are always presented with the things we are ready to learn, although it does not always feel that way.{4} As Winston Churchill said, "I am always willing to learn. I do not always like being taught." Since the universe has a compassionate interest in our growth, it simply provides us opportunity after opportunity to learn. The choice is always to release the attachment to fear and move to the realm of the higher self, in other words, to shift perspective. Thomas Merton wrote:

Every moment and every event of every man's life on earth plants something in his soul. For just as the wind carries thousands of winged seeds, so each moment brings with it germs of spiritual vitality that come to rest imperceptibly in the minds and wills of men. Most of these unnumbered seeds perish and are lost, because men are not prepared to receive them: for such seeds as these cannot spring up anywhere except in the good soil of freedom, spontaneity and love.{5}

Traditional science holds that we are dropped here randomly, like dice out of God's great gambling tumbler. According to science, life and its events are random occurrences, the result of chance interactions. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is a plan for each of us, for humanity and for the planet as well. Obscured from view by necessity, that plan will become more apparent as we move into the early years of the 21st century.


An interesting analogy might be to consider that the Creator wants you to learn to ride the bicycle. You can read all the theory books about bicycles and bicycle riding, but at some point fear must be faced head-on and the task confronted. Since you do not know how to ride, you are going to have to "learn." And as with any learning experience, a certain amount of failure is necessary to the achievement of Mastery. When you swerve left when you should have swerved right you will probably fall, and hopefully, learn. And that is the challenge. If you stay "stuck" because you have made a mistake and fallen, and decide that as a result, you are an inadequate being, you inhibit your natural ability to learn.

Failure is one place we get caught in the difference between God's perspective and our own. God sees life as a place for learning, that is why he created it. Learning anything - walking, talking, riding a bicycle and especially living, requires learning. Learning, in turn, demands failure. Learning also requires the willingness to fail. I call this "smart failure" because you learn from it. When you first learned to walk you were down a good deal more than you were up. When encouraged and supported, you learned - learned from what? Your "failures" and your "successes," of course. Eventually you developed the skills necessary for walking, but in all likelihood, you learned a great deal more from your failures. Learning comes from imperfection, which is the human condition. Imperfection creates the conditions, i.e., the opportunities, for learning. There is an old saw that goes "Good judgment comes from experience, which comes from bad judgment." As Emmanuel says, "Do not weep for the limitations that you see existing in your world . . . where would there be an opportunity to learn, if not in a world of imperfection?"{6}

If you had been condemned and criticized every time you fell over, you would have not only made less progress, but you would have had a terrible experience. You would have felt badly about yourself, and your desire to explore new and unfamiliar realms would have been quashed. This creates "dumb failure" because it significantly restricts one's ability to grow. Incidentally, it is even worse to have no one there at all as you attempt to learn. Condemnation is actually easier to deal with than abandonment. The task for our caretakers is to encourage us to learn and to see to it that our failures do not harm us. It is their job to make learning safe and rewarding. It is also their job to help us understand what failure is about, and how to use it. This kind of guidance helps us to approach life fearlessly so that we do not contract when faced with unfamiliar circumstances. It also helps us to accept failure when it comes. And, it will come. Unfortunately, we do not prepare parents for their job. No one taught them either. There are many parenting skills that could be taught. It is unfortunate that we do not do so.

Learning to approach life fearlessly is the secret to creativity. Risk and failure are essential parts of the creative process. Charles Kettering the former Chairman of General Motors and a successful creator in his own right, said this about failure:

An inventor is simply a person who doesn't take his education too seriously. You see, from the time a person is six years old until he graduates from college he has to take three or four examinations a year. If he flunks once, he is out. But an inventor is almost always failing. He tries and fails maybe a thousand times. If he succeeds once he's in. These two things are diametrically opposite. We often say that the biggest job we have is to teach a new employee how to fail intelligently. We have to train him to experiment over and over and to keep on trying and failing until he learns what will work.


Being imperfect does not mean that we are just not good enough, that we have not made enough effort or that we are not ready for the higher path. We may not have dedicated ourselves to our inner development, thereby creating lives of bumps and potholes, but the universe does not condemn us for our imperfections, it welcomes them. They are the fertile ground in which it will sow the seeds of change. It has been said thousands of times, but needs repeating that "God does not judge." God is trying to help us learn to walk. He knows it is a difficult process. After all, he created it. That is why he continues to give us opportunity after opportunity to learn. He constantly encourages us not only to walk, but to run and eventually, to fly.

The Old Testament and the old Christian or Judaic image of an angry or vengeful God sitting in judgment of his subjects was a terrible misrepresentation and manipulation of the truth. The men who wrote the Old Testament only saw the darkness, but they did not, perhaps could not, see the larger picture. This dark view of God was perpetuated by societies and religions that ruled through fear and intimidation. Christ taught that God is a God of love, not one of judgment. It was because he taught God's love that he threatened the Pharisee's power and was crucified.

It is man who has made God in man's image. We project our anger, frustration and pain onto God and assume that he will act toward us as we do toward our fellows and toward him. God does not have our anger. He simply gives us opportunities to learn and grow. There is never judgment., just another opportunity to learn if needed. Yes, people suffer and yes, there is pain, and it always feels unfair, but if you look beyond the immediate, there is also always an opportunity to learn.

From Healing the Shadow © 1998 Blue Lotus Press.
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My definition of Cultural Healing

My ideal world would be a place where someone's cultural background, race, or ethnicity made no difference in how you would relate to them. Each person would treat each other as equals, as part of the human race, as their brother or sister or both, and we would all live in harmony, healing and helping each other where we could. Unfortunately, that world does not exist. Yet. In some places it does, like on certain places on the internet. At least we altruists would like to believe it does. But even being on the internet is a culture and those cultures can clash too.

This month's National Geographic focuses on what truly happened when the Europeans came to the New World in a feature titled "America: Found and Lost". The article shows with wide eyes that the "English colonists undermined an ecosystem and changed the continent forever." I am hoping with all my heart that by National Geographic highlighting the Native people in such a way, that healing can grow and make more and more people aware of what our history truly was like.

Our cultural atrocities don't end with the American Indians, though. Ignorance has been the rule of the land for far too long and it is up to our generation, all of us living today, to come together to work towards a global cultural healing. In my mind, it would start with small acts of loving kindness each and every day. All of us are hurting. All of us are healing, from some kind of wound or another. Our wounds may come from something in our past, or something in our present. They may come from our own home or from a place a world away. Our whole world is in pain and agony. If each person can reach out to someone different from them and get to know them on a personal level, that can be a stepping stone for whole nations to understand and love each other.

Am I too optimistic? Possibly. There are days when I just want to scream and shout and gouge and maim. I want to scream about the pain I feel, about the pain others feel, about the pain the world feels as ignorant abusive energies rampage through our lives. But that doesn't help change things. It might feel good for a little while, but it doesn't solve any of my problems, or anybody else's.

Healing comes from within. As healing occurs in the microcosm, so does healing occur in the macrocosm. As above, so below. I know that American Indians aren't going to magically forgive the caucasian people for all that has been perpetrated against them. I know the blacks aren't going to forgive the whites, the whites aren't going to forgive the Muslims, the Jewish aren't going to forgive the Palestinians and vice versa. At least not anytime soon. But healing as large as this needs to start small. It can start as small as spreading the word LOVE everywhere you go. It can start as small as giving FREE HUGS out in a town square. It can start as small as loving yourself first and once you learn how to do that, you can love others more easily.

Healing can happen. Cultural rifts are not permanent. Rifts can be mended. It will take time. It will take perseverance. It will take commitment. It will take love. But it can be done. I have faith.

As I love myself, so will I be loved, and so I will love others and the world.

So Mote It Be.
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“My” Definition of Native American Healing

I have always felt a sort of kinship to the American Native Peoples. I have been told that I have a smidgen of Native blood in me, though I do not know how much, nor what tribe. But the heartfelt connection I feel isn’t through blood, it is through Spirit. I feel that the healing practices I already engage in is kith and kin to my Spiritual Brothers and Sisters in all tribal nations, in both North and South America.

Native Americans have a deep, soul connection to the land, the earth, and the Universe. They know, as do I, that each person born upon this earth has come from the earth and all its elements; earth, air, fire, and water. The Spirit of the Earth, and the Spirit of the Sky is what makes all life possible on this planet. Without synergistic harmony between the two, we would not exist. The same goes for our bodies. Our physical bodies are akin to the Earth. Our mental bodies are akin to our minds. And the connection between the two is what keeps us alive, at a point where our soul resides. This information is what is intrinsic to the Native American spiritual belief practices and their healing methods. This information is largely lost among those of the Caucasian peoples, unfortunately.

When I have anger, or frustration, or emotional pain, I feel physical pain in my stomach. I hold all my pain there (which is probably why it is so large). This information tells me that my emotional body and my physical body are CONNECTED. This also tells me that if I have some kind of physical illness, there must also be an illness in my emotional body as well. I may not know what it is, but my body is telling me I need to stop and be still and rest so my emotional body may have a chance to heal as well. This information has always been known to the Native People. They have always known that you must consider the whole person, not just isolated parts. The last time I got ill, it was shortly after I had a very negative altercation with a former friend. It caused pain within me, both physically, mentally, and emotionally, which caused my body to lose much of its natural immunization capabilities and I got a cold later that night. The connection between the events during the day and my body becoming ill that night was not lost on me. Many times I get ill because of emotional issues that I must work through as well. I realized this long ago.

One thing that Native People also address, which is SO important and needs to be learned by many people, is that the Spiritual body is important too. As I write this, just smudging myself with some sage calms me down so much and I can feel the energetic shift as negative energy is cleared away from my aura. Negative energy can affect you just as badly as someone physically hurting you, because your Spiritual body is connected to the rest of you. Many people are not aware of their Spiritual body, and therefore walk through life unwhole. I honestly feel that if more people were able to learn and grasp onto what the Native People have been practicing for thousands of years, the world would be a better place.

And the above notions are why I feel like a sister to the Native Peoples, whether or not they feel the same about me. Magickal people are magickal people no matter what their skin color.
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Be as caring as you can be without getting swept up in the emotional dramas of others and losing your own equanimity.

The Situation position refers to the general set of influences that surround you and affect your personal experience of peace. We all have to deal with conflict and are affected by the process.

The Queen of Cups in this position points to a temptation to lose your center by rescuing someone. This may be a difficult urge to come to terms with. Your charitable impulses may tell you not to look the other way. At the same time, your self-preservation urges may warn of danger and turmoil. What's the best path? One should never disengage one's heart qualities of kindness and empathy. However, be sure to take care of yourself by clearly and directly stating your boundaries, wants, and needs. Find a way to express compassion without sacrificing your own inner peacefulness. Not only will doing this you offer you some protection, but it shows you are not willing to be a victim when dealing with others.

Emotional integrity, a hallmark of the evolved Queen of Cups, demands that you resist merging with people at the level of their problems. You want to be someone who lives and demonstrates an open and emotionally accessible style of non-dependence. Your sensitivity can be an asset when it is not tangled up in other people's pain.
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Yeah, I have herpes simplex. You wanna say sumthin about it? Huh? Do ya? Do ya Do ya Do ya? I thought not!

small snicker


Actually, I welcome this outbreak because I had a really bad day yesterday with very upsetting and horrible dreams and it caused me to have a bad day spent in bed most of the time. I view the outbreak as a release of toxic energies that I can now heal.

I went to sleep around 1 am or so and got up at about 7:30 and read the rest of the book I was reading, "The Golden Compass" by Philip Pullman. I didn't have any dreams before I woke up, which I was very happy about. After I was done with my book, I went back to sleep. I had wonderful dreams involving Disneyland and being part of a welcoming committee in the Sherwood Forest. It was wonderful and fanciful and I got to dress in glittering splendor, watching metallic embroidery weave clothing around me. I had a wishing ring that I didn't need anymore. I was wearing rings on all my fingers already and it didn't fit anywhere. I gave it to the chancellor and he put it on a toy crown on a shelf for safe-keeping, but it activated the crown with lights and movement and it signified the baby in the crib was the true princess of the royal couple. (I think. it was super cool anyway that I provided the final link to the activation of something wonderful) There was lots more involving different parts of Disneyland and stuff, but I won't go into it. Disneyland may make some people angry because of whatever; I just know that my heart belongs there with all the healing that childhood can bring and the rollercoasters and everything else. I just love Disney. Sorry, but I do.

So, today I woke up with "the lip". I decided to take pictures and test how well my new camera phone works. You can find the pics under the cut. And in case any of you were wondering, I am feeling much better today. It took me a long time to wake up. My brain was awake, but I couldn't get my body to move. Some of it would jerk a little and then go dormant again. My foot would rotate, but then go silent. I probably laid there for over 45 minutes waiting for my body to wake up. Finally, when my brain was awake enough to be tired of just sitting there, I said to the heavens "anybody who's floating around out there with positive good intentions, I could use some help waking up now. And yes, I could use help waking up in more than just the one sense, but if you could help me wake up now, I'd really appreciate it." About 20 seconds later, I felt a jerking pull in my midsection, making my center convulse and activating the rest of my body to move and stretch and get going. THANK YOU! And my head is a hell of a lot clearer now too.

So, here's those pics and have a nice day. hugs and love always.

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Found on As I read it, I found myself both thinking globally and very personally about this parable. It really opened some centers for me.

Unhappily, there have been a very great many incidents where Spirit acted with intentional malice toward the Will. I will tell you of the very first time it happened... that I intentionally hurt the Mother, the incident that was the original cause of a great deal of the suffering in Creation.

"The Mother was reflecting my Light to me, but I did not yet realize that I was not seeing her there. I had believed for a while that the being I perceived to be holding the mirror for me was her, the wondrous, shimmering, wiggling Will. I was very happy to have her around to reflect my own beautiful Light back for me to see and enjoy. I loved her there, and we made Heart together.

"But it happened once that she didn't reflect my beautiful Light back to me, she reflected something else instead, something that did not please me to see. It was not my own wonderful Light that I'd become accustomed to seeing... so whose light could it be? I answered my own question by assuming that it was the Mother who was not pleasing me. I felt offended that she would do this to me, that she would try to make me think that I was perhaps not so perfectly wondrous as I'd come to know myself to be.

"I accused her of trying to deceive me, trying to make me believe it was me or my Light that was not so beautiful and wonderful. She responded to the energy of my accusation by withdrawing from me. That was all the proof I needed, I 'knew' then that she was in fact trying to hide something about herself from me, otherwise why would she slink away like that?

"There was now something else about her that I didn't like. The not-okayness in the Light she reflected back to me was really not that bad. But that she had tried to pawn that off as me, and was not willing to admit that it was really her... this was too much for me to abide. And to make matters much worse, not only had she tried to deceive me, she tried to hide from the fact that I knew she did. In other words, she was surely 'guilty' of deception. Or so it seemed to me.

"I formed three negative value judgments there about the Mother. The first was that there are things about her that are not all that wondrous and beautiful. The second was that she needs to lie about these things, and the third that she herself feels guilty about this in the presence of my Light... and must therefore withdraw from me.

"I went to her then and confronted her with my judgments. She denied my evidence, and even said that it was ME who was not looking so good there. That for me was the last straw. Now she felt empowered enough to not only try to tell me that I was wrong about her, but that there was something wrong with me. And I knew that was impossible, because by this time she had reflected enough of myself back to me for me to know that I was in fact God.

"I didn't know why I knew, and I didn't question it at the time, but in that moment I knew that because I was God, I was perfect. I didn't know I was being run by an imprint much older than me, or that I was still in the very early stages of waking up to my own existence and identity. There had not even been enough progression of my consciousness for me to realize that I was evolving.

"There were only two of us, and there was something that was not right. Since I was certainly right... that meant the Mother must be the one with the not-rightness. There was no other choice for me there. I had to either live with the 'lie' the Mother was telling me about myself, or I had to show her that she was wrong about me. Because I believed myself to be perfect, and that the truth must always win out... it was an easy choice. And one in which I felt very 'right'.

Spirit 'Corrects' the Mother

"I reasoned that since the Mother was 'wrong', she needed correction. And since she didn't seem capable of correcting herself, I would need to do it. I immediately felt uneasy about it, but since it was so obviously necessary... I denied the love of our Heart that asked me to not do this, and took the uneasiness to mean that I would have to be much more forceful than I was at first, or else she might not 'get' it. She might not become corrected. I also reasoned that if she had the ability to correct herself, she would have already done so... especially since I had clearly pointed out her 'faults' when I'd first confronted her.

"Since she was perfectly happy to remain ignorant of her faults, I also reasoned that she would need to be 'shown' how she was in fact wrong. I reasoned that this would be a necessary first step in her correction. I was hopeful that would be all I'd need to do on my side, just show her she that she could not blame me for her own unrightness, lie to me, or withdraw from me when I did not wish her to. I hoped that she would then be able to make the necessary changes in herself to correct these faults, become 'right', and therefore come back into alignment and agreement with me.

"I decided to begin with the last thing she'd done wrong, and what I was most upset about... her withdrawing from me. I said something about that to her as I revved up my Light and suddenly slapped her with it, right in the places where she was most open to my input. The Mother went reeling away from me. I wanted her to experience how wrong it was for her to withdraw from me. I wanted her to experience how it feels to be very far away from my Light. I reasoned that this would make her think twice the next time she got a whim to back away from me like that.

"I had felt very hurt by her withdrawing from me, and her aloofness. I felt that I needed her, otherwise I could not get the reflections from her that I wanted. And there was something else too, about the way she moved and wiggled. I was outraged that she could just coldly take this all away from me... by going away like that, especially after hurting me by trying to deceive me as she had before I first confronted her.

"But she outwitted me, or so I thought at the time. She didn't come running back then. She stayed gone. 'Okay,' I said to myself, 'I'll out wait her. I know she can't exist without my Light, or if she did, it would be very painful for her.' It gave my rage some comfort to know that all the while she was gone, she would be in pain. And I reasoned that as much pain as it took, that would be how much she would need to be impressed with the desire to correct herself, and never allow herself to be wrong like that again.

"After quite a while of waiting, I became even more upset. I didn't have my reflections, I didn't have my wiggling, and I didn't have my satisfaction of knowing that she was corrected. I could only assume that she was uncorrected, and liked it that way. And worse, I was beginning to suspect that she liked being wherever it was that she'd gone to... she liked being away from me.

"By the time I went looking for her, I'd forgotten that it was my Light that had pushed her so far away. I had it that she had left me in spite. And I was furious at her for getting the best of me. She was guilty, for sure... and she was avoiding correction. She couldn't go on like this, she had to be stopped... from being wrong and from being gone. I had to get her back so that I could fix her, so she could be right again, like me.

I hunted her down and brought her back. She was obviously chastened now, and my rage felt some relief. And soon, I reasoned, she would 'see the light'... the way I wanted her to see it. The way I needed her to see it... if indeed I was to be right. And since I was perfect, it had to be true that I was right. There is something iron-clad and certain about reason, isn't there?

"You have probably already realized how I thus enacted out the proof of the 'not rightness' in my Light that the Mother originally reflected back to me, but I had denied was mine. I blamed her for what she had shown me of myself. That was my first mistake.

"My second mistake was not trusting her that she was telling me the truth. I trusted myself instead, which is not wrong... but I did not have enough consciousness to know that I was in fact not perfect. My understandings there were running on an imprint, and when I went into action, I enacted that imprint... and set several more devastating imprints in the process.

"My third mistake was believing that the Mother needed correction. She was merely being who she is, doing what she naturally does. She was without fault. In truth there was no need for any kind of correction. What I didn't like in my own reflection was something I hadn't seen before. But it was not wrong, it was just new... a glimpse of my own evolving nature.

"My fourth mistake was assuming that the Mother was doing something to try to hurt me, or to at least blame me. I assumed she was acting with malice toward me, especially in backing away from me as she had. I felt victimized there, when actually she was the one who was victimized... by my enraged confrontation of her, my attack on her integrity.

"My fifth and worse mistake was in taking it into my own hands to 'correct' her. For it was this intentional act of malice that became the original cause of 'punishment' in this Creation. The presence of this idea, that there are those who must be 'corrected', and those whose job it is to correct them... is the cause of the very worst suffering in Creation.

"My sixth mistake was in believing that the Mother was trying to outwit me by staying gone. But in fact, she could do nothing else. Her original imprints of being attacked by the asuras before I'd become conscious had been triggered by my very conscious and intentional slap, and she was frozen in terror, trapped far out at the edge of Creation. She had no way of returning, even if she wished, but I did not know that then.

"My seventh and most tragic mistake was in aiming the slap at those parts of her that were the most open and receptive to me at the time. The Mother received an imprint then that has told her ever since... that being open to me is very dangerous and must be avoided at all costs. It was when I realized this outcome of my deeds that I cried out in anguish. My cries reverberated to the ends of Creation, but it was too late. I cried to her unhearing ear... 'What have I done!?'

"It was this very early incident I had with the Will that first opened the victim-perpetrator gap, and set the infamous crime-punishment imprint. The vast damage that was caused there is the original cause of all human experience with revenge... as the 'necessary' correction for injustice.

"Nearly all human violence has been an attempt at achieving justice... in the eye of the violator, and is therefore a result of this imprint. And my intentional involvement there, acting solely on the basis of reason... is why even outright torture feels right to the torturer. But I know now, and must say emphatically... no end can justify the intentional infliction of pain on another against their Will.

"It is the victim-perpetrator gap that has been responsible for the failure of each attempt at recovery until now. And it is the complete healing of this gap in each individual making wholeness... that will enable the rest of the healing work to proceed with success this time.

"Some of the most vital and important parts of the Mother are still in hiding and unwilling to open to any kind of Light that feels like me. In past recovery attempts I had been impatient with these parts, because in the last moments when their participation was crucial... they refused to come forward and open in the healing movement, as I had anticipated they would.

"I was heartbroken at the rejection I received there, and my suffering was all the greater in the realization that I had caused all of this myself... by acting with malice and bad intention toward the Mother when I tried to 'correct' her. Punishment means pain, and it hurts deeply, no matter what it's called. It's even been called love... something someone does to another for the other's 'own good.' But I must say now very clearly... there is no intentional infliction of pain against another's Will that is inside of Love, regardless of any other intentions."
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The Singer of Healing

Healing of body, mind and spirit

Starter Reading: This is the healer's card, and its presence in a reading may speak of healing to be given or of healing to be received. The circumstances and processes of reaching well-being may seem easy or they may bring great challenges. In either case, we are asked to participate in our own healing as we are strengthened by this Singer. More usually this Singer speaks of both giving and receiving because we cannot truly and freely give without receiving as well. Healing is something that flows through us, not from us, and as such, we are inevitably affected by its passage. Drawing this card tells us of both a need and an opportunity for healing ourselves and perhaps others as well. As Warren, one of my teachers, said, Healing is not something you do--its something you are.
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Thank you, [ profile] prairiekittin for posting the link to Kim's essay. It was beautiful and very heart rendering. I loved the paintings interspersed through the essay so much that I am posting them here. All paintings are by Mara Berendt Friedman.

May your Wounded Wild be Healed.

"Stories connect us to the universe of medicine — of paranormal or sacred power"
— Paula Gunn Allen

"The essence of the human soul cannot be separated from the wildness of nature."
— Bill Plotkin

"Planting the Seeds of Transformation" © 1999

"Fire and Water" © 2001

"The Healer"© 1995

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27. Healing

You carry your wound. With the ego, your whole being is a wound. And you carry it around. Nobody is interested in hurting you, nobody is positively waiting to hurt you; everybody is engaged in safeguarding his own wound. Who has got the energy? But still it happens, because you are so ready to be wounded, so ready, just waiting on the brink for anything.

You cannot touch a man of Tao. Why? - because there is no one to be touched. There is no wound. He is healthy, healed, whole. This word whole is beautiful. The word heal comes from the whole, and the word holy also comes from the whole. He is whole, healed, holy.

Be aware of your wound. Don't help it to grow, let it be healed; and it will be healed only when you move to the roots. The less the head, the more the wound will heal; with no head there is no wound. Live a headless life. Move as a total being, and accept things.

Just for twenty-four hours, try it - total acceptance, whatsoever happens. Someone insults you, accept it; don't react, and see what happens. Suddenly you will feel an energy flowing in you that you have not felt before.

Osho The Empty Boat Chapter 10


It is a time when the deeply buried wounds of the past are coming to the surface, ready and available to be healed.

The figure in this card is naked, vulnerable, open to the loving touch of existence. The aura around his body is full of light, and the quality of relaxation, caring and love that surrounds him is dissolving his struggle and suffering. Lotuses of light appear on his physical body, and around the subtle energy bodies that healers say surround each of us. In each of these subtle layers appears a healing crystal or pattern.

When we are under the healing influence of the King of Water we are no longer hiding from ourselves or others. In this attitude of openness and acceptance we can be healed, and help others also to be healthy and whole.

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