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Aug. 6th, 2008 12:36 pm
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Went to the Gorge a few weeks back. Found this awesome slideshow application that goes with Flickr, so here y'all go! :D

click on the picture to forward to the next slide. Plus, if you move your mouse over the bottom, you can see the thumbnails, and if you put the pointer over "notes", you can read any description of the photo I may have made. :)

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SNOW! on Flickr

My Snow Day, the morning of January 16th, 2007, when the stupid fucky Beaverton School District didn't close school until 8:30 am. Idiots. BUT I HAD ALL KINDS OF FUN!!!!! :D
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Image007.jpg, originally uploaded by Christina's Play Place.

This is her first time ever being out in snow. She doesn't know what to make of it. I took video of her earlier feeling her way through the snow and leaping back to the door. She's out exploring in the snow right now. It's so funny watching her navigate what's solid ground and what's not. Good thing she has those furry paws of hers. :D

I just wish I could email that video of her off my phone so everyone can see it. But it's 58k too large to send. Fucking phone, letting me shoot long videos, but not letting me get it off the phone. SUCKS!


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Flickr Mosaic, originally uploaded by Christina's Play Place.

Incredibly cool! Found on the Wil Wheaton blog. Go here to make your own! :D

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You see, not only does he have a blog that I subscribe to through LJ,

he also has a Flickr account...

I truly heart that man! :D
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I didn't know they had their own Flickr page! I added them as a contact. Cool stuff!
(and they actually commented about my post too! COOL!)

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