Jun. 26th, 2008 03:41 pm
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dream I had recently:

This was so real. I was in the back of a car with someone with the top down. It was night. I wasn't driving, though the car was moving. I looked behind me and I saw the trees moving! Real Dryads! ENTS! I saw the strong and powerful Oak. He had a broad chest and powerful muscles with the branches sprouting from the tops of his shoulders and head. I saw other tall Dryads moving across the road. I exclaimed “LOOK! It's real Dryads! They're letting me see them! OMG! They're ENTS!” The muscular Dryad (possibly an Oak) came up to me and said some words to me, something to the effect that I was doing well as a young Ent. He took my hand. His felt warm and smooth like smooth bark or firm paper over soft flesh. It was amazing.

dream I had last night:

There was an overlying theme of my childhood, even though I was an adult. I've had dreams like this before, too, so there is something I need to go back to understand, though I don't quite get it yet. It's where me and my current parents are living in my dead father's home. This time around, Mike had refurnished a living area on the second floor into a rentable bedroom. He had put pocket doors into the walls so where there used to be a hallway entrance, there was now doors. He said something to me about might as well get some money where he can. There was table nearby and I saw a list of charges (money) that he was tabulating for me. I thought that was so extremely petty. You know, like charging me for using soap or food or other small piddly crap. Didn't see the actual charges, just that he was counting up money. The me that was just wanting to keep the peace (I was a blond girl sitting next to me) took out her wallet and put cash on the table.
I went into my room and my mom had done all my laundry and had folded it all. So there are my other bras. (I've lost my other bras, can find only one). I got dressed and went outside. What I saw made my jaw drop aghast. You see, I grew up in a forest. The best years of my childhood was spent living with my father in a forest. He was the first to build a house back in the woods of Whipple Creek park. Our house was at the end of a 1/2 mile driveway. Only one other family had a house back there and they came after. We had a huge front yard. The house was 3 levels and had tons of windows, cedar siding and roof. My dad had made an awesome set of trails through the woods, with a zipline down the hill in the back, a suspension bridge across the ravine, a t-swing down by the creek. He was so awesome in regards to those things. They are all gone now. The gazebo he had made is all grown over and unusable, though really pretty. All the trails are gone, and the people that live there let the deck to go SHIT. I could kick their asses, really.
Anyway, back to the dream. I went outside and all the surrounding hills and even our front yard had been overrun by HOUSES. MASSES OF HOUSES. UGLY HOUSES. I'm not kidding about the ugly. Many of them looked like butt ugly, horribly colored tract or modular homes. We were surrounded. All the trees were gone. Tears started streaming down my face. I could barely breathe. My whole world collapsed. Some of the neighbors were tooling about. I started yelling at them. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS!!! I could barely function I was so upset. A black lady said something to me, but I don't remember exactly what. The feeling I know was it wasn't their fault, but they didn't understand. None of them could understand my pain at what had happened.

I took pictures recently of my childhood home. I showed up and no one was home and I walked around. It really made me sad. Here are my pictures.

My childhood home )

Ok, I'm done. NOW do you understand why I would be upset about it all being gone?


May. 26th, 2008 11:07 pm
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Dreams: the week of 5-19-08

On pages 20-21 of A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle states that the human race must evolve or they will die out. I had a dream about the human species evolving.

I was in a city which was under water. Every human around me was evolving into an aquatic human. My forearms were developing gauntlets, like what the arms of crabs and lobsters look like. At the elbow, I was told to apply a specific cream to keep the underside of the ridge from drying out. Many humans were developing gills and I was looking at one young man whose skin had become a mottled green and green/brown. There was a door of water, a portal, where if you stepped through the door, you would be in the ocean and those that entered could breath water as fish could. Then they could come back into the air if they wanted. We had all become hybrids.

I feel that this happened because the earth became flooded after the big quake. The humans evolved to survive their new environments. Practically just like WaterWorld.

This was so real. I was in the back of a car with someone with the top down. It was night. I wasn't driving, though the car was moving. I looked behind me and I saw the trees moving! Real Dryads! ENTS! I saw the strong and powerful Oak. He had a broad chest and powerful muscles with the branches sprouting from the tops of his shoulders and head. I saw other tall Dryads moving across the road. I exclaimed “LOOK! It's real Dryads! They're letting me see them! OMG! They're ENTS!” The muscular Dryad (possibly an Oak) came up to me and said some words to me, something to the effect that I was doing well as a young Ent. He took my hand. His felt warm and smooth like smooth bark or firm paper over soft flesh. It was amazing.

When I fell asleep in the bathtub, I had an erotic dream with a fantastically gorgeous man. He actually found me enormously attractive even though I was naked. I was splayed out in the tub, and he came into the room. I pretended I was asleep. He ran his hands over my arms and fingers, then got into the tub with me. I opened my eyes in amazement. He sat down and slouched down in the water, raising the water almost to the brink. I was shocked. “We both fit in here.” Our bodies were entertwined, me not knowing where each body ended and began. All I could do was stare in his eyes.

There was one part where I lived in a house in the forest and there was a population of little people working as what could only be determined as slaves. And when I say little, I mean LITTLE, like gnome size. There was practically a city of these little people living and working around the house, taking care of all the mundane things, like washing and cleaning and ground maintenance. Except that the main occupants of the house and the surrounding village treated them like crap, like they didn't even exist as valuable individuals. I witnessed the little people start to rally and protest. I got behind them 100%. I was all for the little guys. Always support the oppressed! I remember one of them wanting to hop up to my shoulder to talk to me in my ear (the best way to hear them). But for some reason, as he was hopping up, he was only the size of a flea. I couldn't even see him except as a flea-like dot hopping up my chest. The End.

Today, I dreamt I was in a woods near the beach. It was swarmed with college age kids. They were lighting off fireworks and setting things on fire. I was trying to get out of there as fast as I could on a bicycle. I was just aghast that they were putting the woods in danger like that. Then some of the boys tried to block my way. They were trying to put a sticker on me that would light on fire when activated. I was freaking out. Firecrackers were going off at my feet, assholes were trying to set me on fire. I finally made it out of the woods and got the sticker off me. I was backpedaling on my bicycle as fast as I could. I went straight to the sheriff's office to report all of them. There was more, but thinking back on it now, I realize that my worst fears right now is the fear of getting burned again by a man. I am afraid of all these fucking immature assholes who don't know how to treat a woman (woods) and all they want to do is just think of themselves and getting their rocks off (fireworks) no matter how they hurt whoever gets in their way (woods, me). There was a good part to the dream. I had a sensei. Everyone thought he was dead, but when I showed up, he revived. There was a message in the sunday comics in asian characters. I woke up before my sensei could tell me what it meant.

going to bed now. will let you know how I dream.
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Dreamt i was a Dragon today. Actually, I was just me. But when I blew out my breath, it was hot enough to melt metal. Then a lady gave me a bottle saying "Here. Try this." It was a blue bottle with a name on it.


That's not exactly it, but it's really close. I have no idea how to pronounce the e's. I think it means dragon song. I think it's the name of my dragon self.



Jun. 17th, 2007 07:48 pm
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I had telekinesis and could fly.

first, I showed my mom that I could instantly clean my room. My energy works through my hands. I concentrated on the shoes on the ground, lifted them up, and moved them towards the closet, and they automatically arranged themselves nicely on the wall. Then I used my powers to clean up the closet/bathroom, reconnecting the toilet to the plumbing, cleaning all the muck and grime, re-calibrating everything and fixing the computer diagnostic systems. I didn't actually know how to do all that. I just concentrated on the end result, and it all did it for me.

Then, later on in the dream, I was fighting bad guys again. This was a long and drawn out sequence that I can't really get into details about because there was too much, but I was protecting children and townsfolk from invading forces bent on capturing everyone and taking over. I used my powers to keep them back and to use their weapons against them. The scenario probably lasted about an hour realtime. My dreams sure do make good movies.
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Yeah, I have herpes simplex. You wanna say sumthin about it? Huh? Do ya? Do ya Do ya Do ya? I thought not!

small snicker


Actually, I welcome this outbreak because I had a really bad day yesterday with very upsetting and horrible dreams and it caused me to have a bad day spent in bed most of the time. I view the outbreak as a release of toxic energies that I can now heal.

I went to sleep around 1 am or so and got up at about 7:30 and read the rest of the book I was reading, "The Golden Compass" by Philip Pullman. I didn't have any dreams before I woke up, which I was very happy about. After I was done with my book, I went back to sleep. I had wonderful dreams involving Disneyland and being part of a welcoming committee in the Sherwood Forest. It was wonderful and fanciful and I got to dress in glittering splendor, watching metallic embroidery weave clothing around me. I had a wishing ring that I didn't need anymore. I was wearing rings on all my fingers already and it didn't fit anywhere. I gave it to the chancellor and he put it on a toy crown on a shelf for safe-keeping, but it activated the crown with lights and movement and it signified the baby in the crib was the true princess of the royal couple. (I think. it was super cool anyway that I provided the final link to the activation of something wonderful) There was lots more involving different parts of Disneyland and stuff, but I won't go into it. Disneyland may make some people angry because of whatever; I just know that my heart belongs there with all the healing that childhood can bring and the rollercoasters and everything else. I just love Disney. Sorry, but I do.

So, today I woke up with "the lip". I decided to take pictures and test how well my new camera phone works. You can find the pics under the cut. And in case any of you were wondering, I am feeling much better today. It took me a long time to wake up. My brain was awake, but I couldn't get my body to move. Some of it would jerk a little and then go dormant again. My foot would rotate, but then go silent. I probably laid there for over 45 minutes waiting for my body to wake up. Finally, when my brain was awake enough to be tired of just sitting there, I said to the heavens "anybody who's floating around out there with positive good intentions, I could use some help waking up now. And yes, I could use help waking up in more than just the one sense, but if you could help me wake up now, I'd really appreciate it." About 20 seconds later, I felt a jerking pull in my midsection, making my center convulse and activating the rest of my body to move and stretch and get going. THANK YOU! And my head is a hell of a lot clearer now too.

So, here's those pics and have a nice day. hugs and love always.

Read more... )
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...and oh the dreams I had.

a. There was a conspiracy in the casino and there was a race to see who could find the hidden money first.
(scene from Las Vegas the tv show)

b. I was driving a bus and we parked outside a residence. A lot of old people came out. I was sitting for a while and I heard something behind me. One of the old people had fallen asleep on the way over and just woke up and started getting off the bus. He thanked me for waiting for him. He had a hard time walking, he had 2 canes. All of his friends came up to the stairwell offering to help him down the stairs. He was so grateful. One even offered to carry him on his back, but he was old too and the man declined. He was proud. he made his way down the stairs, kind of stumbled on the ground and just lay there being happy surrounded by his friends. One person was talking to owner of the house, and it was Moby, but he had hair! A full head of hair. I moved over to say hi. I say moved over because I was in I guess what you could call a cherry picker crane. I could move all around in my seat, so I lowered myself over to him saying, "Hey! You have hair! I just noticed that. Well, actually, I knew it before, but I'm just saying something now." We chatted. It was nice.

c. I was in my apartment (not mine but it was supposed to be mine). A large box was next to me with images and writing on it. The eyes of the man on the box started looking around and the image came to life. Then the box came to life. It started unfolding and transforming and the words started moving. I was looking at it from the front thinking that someone was moving it from behind, but then I got out of the way and looked around the side and there wasn't. It was sensient and started taking materials and transformed into a sewing machine type thing. it was using my dining table and metal sewing arms were jutting up through the bottom to make the sewing stitches. It was embroidering words and images. At one point I asked it to be careful because it was piercing the top of the table and it got stuck once. It answered back in a male child's voice. When it was done, it was a long, oval shaped heavy quilt with words on it. A blond woman was there now. She said I should use it as a rug until it's needed for magickal workings.
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So, first I dreamt about all those natural disasters et al. Usually, when I dream about natural disasters, something heavy happens in waking life, either to my loved ones, or to me. Considering the natural disasters happened to me this time around, but also came through unscathed, I knew something was going to happen that day. The Universe didn't disappoint. However, I was able to handle the situation competently and efficiently and everything turned out the way I knew it was supposed to.

I received confirmation that I made the right decisions the following night. In my dreams, I was in college walking to my math classes and getting settled in class. School themes are common with me. When they started, I was still in high school in my dreams, even though I wasn't in real life. As my Earth School has continued, in my dreams I have gotten through high school, went through the anxieties of getting into college and attending first classes, and now I am settled and comfortable in college.

I'm very happy about how things turned out, both in real life and in my dreams. I now know that I can accomplish anything and have the ability and courage to head off problems early instead of relying on others. I am able to work within a team and know I am making the right choices.

Good on me. :)
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heading home with Laura, getting caught in multiple tornadoes, tree lines exploding beneath me, earthquakes causing fault lines to appear in front of our walking ridge and having to jump over them, people burning hate signs over the small cave that was my dwelling. Being with undercover policemen and the man I love getting shot in the gut in front of me by an old woman, having to call 911 and saying officer down.

And other lovely stuff like that.

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Last night, did anyone else dream of the world ending? Nuclear bomb? Anyone?
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Would someone like to tell me why I've been dreaming about fighting zombies every time I close my eyes for the past 3 days now? HMMMM?????
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So yesterday I went out to my car to take a nap between routes and was pleasantly dozing waiting for the alarm to wake me up. Fell asleep and had dreams of it being 2:21, way past my clock in time. (I actually had more dreams than that, but I won't go into those). When I finally got my eyes open, it was 2:09. I was supposed to clock in 15 minutes earlier. I usually leave the yard at 2:07 or 2:08. YIKES! I ran inside and clocked in and went out to my bus. I was last in line at Westview, but I wasn't late. phew. I had set my alarm for 1:50 am, not pm. oops.

This morning I was having dreams of getting lost in the country roads of the boondocks and couldn't find my way home. Too many detour signs had created a labryinth I couldn't escape from. A touring bus came by and picked me up along with a couple other lost travelers. The bus traveled all the way up to Seattle before heading back to Portland. I was going to miss my clock in time again. I called in at 5:30 and talked to Sheri, the router, and told her the predicament. She said it'll get to the boss, but not to worry about it, she'll take care of things.

Later, I had left my car in a childhood neighborhood and I was trying to get back to work. I was completely lost again. I was riding a bicycle trying to get directions back home. One person told me to follow this dirt road but it went steeply up the side of a hill and I told her I can't do that. I will find my own way. I remember the short cut through the neighborhoods now.

I woke up and looked at the clock, it said 5:15. Not long before the alarm goes off...until I noticed the alarm wasn't set! I programmed it to go off at 5:15, but forgot to turn on the alarm. Good thing I woke up.
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I dreamt of slugs last night. I was getting up for work. My alarm clock said 5:30 am, but the sun was already up and every other clock in the vicinity said it was 7. Mike was still at home and he was complaining to me that I had turned the tv off wrong last night. I got my things together, worried about having to call in to work that I was late. I almost couldn't find my phone. I got my shoes on and went downstairs. Shannon was there and she was asking what Mike was all upset about. I told her that I only used one remote to turn off the tv. All you have to do is hit the tv button and then the satellite button and that's it. She didn't understand why he was upset either. We went outside.

She called to me and said, "Hey, look at this." She had found a trail of slugs crawling up the support post up to the balcony outside of my room. I said, "Get some salt." She said, "No, you're supposed to eat them." I looked at her incredulously, though if you think about it, I have eaten escargot. The trails were entertwined with each other, there being about 5 slugs immediately noticeable. One had feelers out that looked like mini dishes; it was getting ready to mate.

There is more to the dream, involving a little boy making a mess in the kitchen, but I found the slug portion the most relevant, especially after looking up slug medicine. It spoke directly to events and feeling that have been happening in my life right now. Now all I have to do is work with the slug and incorporate it's wisdom into my life. I hope I am ready.

Slug's Medicine
A Slimey Spirit Animal

Slugs are gastropods and mollusks with a soft body and no shell, or only a rudimentary shell inside the body. The Slug spoken of here is the terrestrial slug, such as the banana slug or garden slug; not the Sea Slug, which would be looked at seperately. Slugs are hermaphroditic, and the gender-neutral pronouns "sie" and "hir" will be used for this page.

Slug is a very "mystical" sort of Spirit Animal. While animals like mountain lion or raccoon are very earth-based, Slug has a more ethereal quality to hir teachings. Slug leaves trails that are iridescent... seemingly magical. These trails are often interpretted to be signs and totems left by Slug, and can be interpretted. Slug is a great communicator, both mundane and spiritual. Slug is nocturnal and has ties with the moon.

Slug Medicine is in its most primal basic form that of a healer. Not too long ago, Native Americans used to let Banana Slug crawl around in their mouths when they had a toothache, because Slug's mucous is an anaesthetic. Slug's wisdom includes that of healing body, mind, and spirit, and represents the connections that must be healthy between these for overall well-being.

Slug can cling to glass, upside down, yet to the touch, the "slime" is slick and is used to rid hirself of gunk... like anything wet and sliming around in the leaves and dirt would collect. It just slides off of Slug (you can see it at the end of their tails sometimes). This is another part of Slug's wisdom -- letting go, or leaving behind the "junk" and garbage of life... rumors, bad feelings, stories, material ties, attachment and so on. Slug is of balance, represented by sticky mucous to help hir hold on when it is important -- a solid base -- versus slick slime to help hir shed the trivial things.

Slug is not very connected to the physical world. Slug may lose part of hir body during mating; this is for the continuation of the species and is not mourned (it does in fact help slugs in the long run). Slug sheds hirself of all material things. Sie eats on the move. Sie shelters wherever there may be shelter.

Slug's medicine also includes incredible strength. Particularly hidden strength. It may not seem like it, looking at that little squishy critter with no bones and only a rudimentary shell inside. But Slug is almost pure muscle. Sie moves by tiny ripples of those muscles. The foot muscles are the most evidence of this... you can see them moving watching a slug on a piece of glass, from underneath.

Slug also has the Wisdom of self-protection and hiding. Slug can pull hirself almost entirely under hir mantle, protecting most of hir vital organs. Sie protects hirself from predators in this way. Sie also protects hirself from the harsh sun and dryness by hiding under a stone or piece of wood or in a crack, emerging in the gentle night.

Part of Slug's teachings include simplicity. Slugs live simply (survival -- food/shelter/reproduction) and are simple organisms.

Also, Slug's wisdom is that of seeing the world of spirit and shadow -- seeing beyond the mundane and clairvoyance. Slug can't "see" in terms of shape and color. They see in pure light and shadow.

Slug has a great deal to teach us about gender and sexuality. Slug may be considered to be a combination of both male and female, or an independant gender. They can reproduce with any other Slug (and suffer no sexism!), and also by themselves if a suitable partner can't be found. Slug, like many other living things, challenges the duality of deity. Exceptionally fertile, many slugs lay hundreds of eggs at a time.

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