Jun. 26th, 2008

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[Error: unknown template qotd]I get stressed by some games, well, actually, most games. So, I need a backup for when I get stuck. I really need walkthroughs. That way, I can just get help when I really need it. I've never used codes and I don't play strategy games anyway. But when I get frustrated, the backup saves my butt. :)


Jun. 26th, 2008 03:41 pm
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dream I had recently:

This was so real. I was in the back of a car with someone with the top down. It was night. I wasn't driving, though the car was moving. I looked behind me and I saw the trees moving! Real Dryads! ENTS! I saw the strong and powerful Oak. He had a broad chest and powerful muscles with the branches sprouting from the tops of his shoulders and head. I saw other tall Dryads moving across the road. I exclaimed “LOOK! It's real Dryads! They're letting me see them! OMG! They're ENTS!” The muscular Dryad (possibly an Oak) came up to me and said some words to me, something to the effect that I was doing well as a young Ent. He took my hand. His felt warm and smooth like smooth bark or firm paper over soft flesh. It was amazing.

dream I had last night:

There was an overlying theme of my childhood, even though I was an adult. I've had dreams like this before, too, so there is something I need to go back to understand, though I don't quite get it yet. It's where me and my current parents are living in my dead father's home. This time around, Mike had refurnished a living area on the second floor into a rentable bedroom. He had put pocket doors into the walls so where there used to be a hallway entrance, there was now doors. He said something to me about might as well get some money where he can. There was table nearby and I saw a list of charges (money) that he was tabulating for me. I thought that was so extremely petty. You know, like charging me for using soap or food or other small piddly crap. Didn't see the actual charges, just that he was counting up money. The me that was just wanting to keep the peace (I was a blond girl sitting next to me) took out her wallet and put cash on the table.
I went into my room and my mom had done all my laundry and had folded it all. So there are my other bras. (I've lost my other bras, can find only one). I got dressed and went outside. What I saw made my jaw drop aghast. You see, I grew up in a forest. The best years of my childhood was spent living with my father in a forest. He was the first to build a house back in the woods of Whipple Creek park. Our house was at the end of a 1/2 mile driveway. Only one other family had a house back there and they came after. We had a huge front yard. The house was 3 levels and had tons of windows, cedar siding and roof. My dad had made an awesome set of trails through the woods, with a zipline down the hill in the back, a suspension bridge across the ravine, a t-swing down by the creek. He was so awesome in regards to those things. They are all gone now. The gazebo he had made is all grown over and unusable, though really pretty. All the trails are gone, and the people that live there let the deck to go SHIT. I could kick their asses, really.
Anyway, back to the dream. I went outside and all the surrounding hills and even our front yard had been overrun by HOUSES. MASSES OF HOUSES. UGLY HOUSES. I'm not kidding about the ugly. Many of them looked like butt ugly, horribly colored tract or modular homes. We were surrounded. All the trees were gone. Tears started streaming down my face. I could barely breathe. My whole world collapsed. Some of the neighbors were tooling about. I started yelling at them. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS!!! I could barely function I was so upset. A black lady said something to me, but I don't remember exactly what. The feeling I know was it wasn't their fault, but they didn't understand. None of them could understand my pain at what had happened.

I took pictures recently of my childhood home. I showed up and no one was home and I walked around. It really made me sad. Here are my pictures.

My childhood home )

Ok, I'm done. NOW do you understand why I would be upset about it all being gone?

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