Jun. 24th, 2008

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tee hee.

I have Prof. Glen Richardson for 2 classes, Psychology of Spiritual Development and Child Psychology. And he is a total geek! :D He has made references to Star Trek, Batman, Spongebob, and Star Wars. He collects dictionaries and textbooks. And he made a Matrix analogy. I am a happy camper. :D

p.s. he geeked out when he saw my issue of GEEK MONTHLY. heh heh. "you can look at it." tee hee.

p.p.s. He collects comics and loves Buffy too. =D

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Let's see...

When someone defriends you without telling you, is that passive aggressive? And then when you call them on it and ask for an explanation and they are rude to you and say they aren't passive aggressive (reading your mind) is that passive aggressive? And when you call them on their rudeness and they blow up at you, what do you call that?

Yeah, that's not passive aggressive, is it?
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Found on [livejournal.com profile] drawn_ca

I swear, if this topples the Teletubbies in popularity, I will be a happy girl.

Gives a new meaning to the term "tree hugger". ;)
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albinopeacock, originally uploaded by Christina's Play Place.

It's like a ghost.

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Geek in Paradise, originally uploaded by WilWheaton.

Another reason I love Wil Wheaton. :D

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