Jun. 22nd, 2008

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I guess the Empire needs money, pimping out their bots like that.

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You know, it's almost 4 in the morning, and I'm just not all that tired. I could probably sleep if I wanted to, but I'm just not very sleepy. It's so weird. Is it because I haven't done anything today? I met a new friend. We spoke for over 5 hours today (not all at the same time). He lives in Eugene. hot. musician. wicked smart. looking forward to getting to know him. It's always good to make new friends. But I'm still not sleepy. School starts on Monday. Maybe I'll just stay up all night so I can get to sleep at a decent time tonight. It's weird. Every time I have any length of time off, my body clock turns upside down. I get sleepy later and later and later until I'm not getting to bed until early morning or even later. I remember last summer it got to the point when I didn't get sleepy until 7 am. I'd sleep all day or I'd stay up all day so I could get to sleep at a decent time. I wonder why my body does this? Oh well.

sleeping until you wake up with no alarm? priceless.


Jun. 22nd, 2008 01:34 pm
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funny pictures
moar funny pictures

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I had great timing for the wedding i went to today. 2 hours late and got there just in time for the food. HA!
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19 Peel Street

Stephan Kozak is an award-winning animator/technical director living in Toronto, Canada. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Toronto and an Art and Art History diploma from Sheridan College. After completing a Maya training course, he continued on to become an animation instructor at the University of Toronto. Currently he is an animator/technical director at Alliance Atlantis in Toronto. Stephan also teaches animation classes part time at the Academy of Design.
Nineteen Peel Street began as a student project while studying animation at the University of Toronto. Being his first animated short, Nineteen Peel Street is a culmination of his initial experience with animation software. It is a story about imagination. The viewer is entertained with two notions: one of reality, the other of fantasy. Despite their inherent differences, these conceptions share common boundaries within the mind of a child. Peel Street, being a part of Stephan’s past, exists in a small suburban town just outside Toronto. It explores the importance of time and captures personal moments of childhood. Reflecting on these moments throughout our lives not only tells us where we are from, but who we really are.
Peel Street is the street Stephan grew up on.
Environments (houses, rooms, the family car, crib, rocking chair) were drawn from photographs and recollections of his past.
Family photos (important dates and events) are framed along the walls at the end of the film.
Alias/Wavefront's Maya animation package was used for modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, and rendering; Adobe After Effects and Alias/Wavefront's Composer for compositing.
Original concept, story, animation, final design: Stephan Kozak
Music composed and performed by Big Honkin Spaceship.
Visit the link above to see stills from the short film and to find quicktime links to watch the movie.

Just watched it on the OPB's The Short List, a program showcasing short films from around the world.
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I HIGHLY recommend this comic. Here is the RSS feed that you can put into the LJ feed search.


The guy is incredibly funny. It's like a version of Office Space on post-it-notes and napkins. tee hee.

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Apparently it's in Uzbekistan. And here we thought it didn't exist. Guess all those crazy Christians were right after all.

found on Neil Gaiman's blog.

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