Jun. 16th, 2008

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Mateusz Skutnik

This man is an absolute genius. I just spent the last 1 1/2 hours playing his most recent release Daymare Town 2. It doesn't matter what this man creates, it sucks me in. I can't stop playing until I finish the game. Sure, I have to use the walkthroughs all the time because I'm just not that good and I need help. But I do play as far as I can without help before consulting.

If you haven't tried games from the point and click master, I highly recommend it. His entire SUBMACHINE series is over on ArcadeTown. Daymare Town and Daymare Town 2 can be found on Big Fish Games through the link I already posted. Samorost 1 and 2, two absolutely BEAUtiful games can be found on Big Fish Games also, though they weren't created by Skutnik.

Only heavy puzzle players need apply.

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Had a dream this morning. It involved Faeries and teachers and stuff. Can't remember everything. But the gist was if I go to Faerieworlds, a man named Seamus will pay my way through a series of workshops that I need to take that apparently I've already taken, but need a refresher course in.

Yep, that was the dream. So, what did I do? I paid for a Saturday day pass for Faerieworlds on August 2nd. Which is awesome because both Gaia Consort and KAN'NAL is playing that day. So, of course I will go. I've never been. Supposedly, it attracts like 6000 people or something. And, if what was said on the Faerieworlds website is true, they might not be in Eugene next year. They may be going back to Sedona, AZ. So, this may the the last chance I have to experience Faerieworlds.

So, my question is, is anyone else going to Faerieworlds? I don't really want to go alone. It's so much better in the company of friends. Going for the weekend is $60 and a Saturday day pass is $22. Does anyone want to accompany me?

Faerieworlds website
Guests of Honor will be Amy Brown and Jessica Galbreth. Brian and Wendy Froud will be hosting.
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Does anyone know why Tribe is crashing so much? What the heck is going on over there?
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If anyone gets Tribe before I do, let me know, k? I really hate finding another place to live. Tribe is just so much easier to deal with than anywhere else. I hope they don't go away forever. And they should totally refund people's membership fees for those who have paid. (not me, I'm just sayin.)

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