Jun. 12th, 2008

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This is me hugging you just as hard. >>:)<<

Love you guys.
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Ok, so it was originally found in 2004. And this technically is just a glorified ad for Mac products. But just cause the story was posted at Apple.com doesn't mean it isn't a really cool story anyway. :D

Running with the Dinosaurs

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Dreamt an incredible dream about a blue whale. I helped to heal it, and it healed me. This is what I found out about whales today. They truly do speak to me.

Whale Totems

Whales are the world's largest mammals, and the Blue Whale is the largest creature on Earth! These warm-blooded creatures have blubber to insulate and store food they need. Whale bones are soft and porous, enabling them to store food in the form of oil, unlike land mammals whose bones are hard. The softness of their bones enables them to grow to an enormous size and still float in the water. Underwater, whales don't have good eye sight, but they have excellent hearing and use a technique called "echo location" to communicate with other whales. By using their powerful tail flukes to steer and propel them, they are able to utilize their fins to twist and turn about in the water.
Having been born with a protective coat of blubber, whales know how important insulation can be. They understand the sacred power of water and realize the importance of taking time out to breathe. Their sensitivity to sound and movement connects them to the core energy of primal life.
Whale reintroduces us to our creative and intuitive energies to show us a talent we've forgotten about or haven't been aware existed. People with this totem are able to understand the ancient language of "energy vibrations," and are able to distinguish where others are truly coming from. Whale asks us to recall our past and listen to its stories so we can creatively heal old wounds.
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Did I mention I lost my job this week?

I'M FREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so happy. I feel better than I've felt in months. No more suffering and drained energy. This is gonna be great!

I love my life. :D

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