Apr. 3rd, 2008

mamagaea: (Brainiac)
So, I was a little bit wrong about the topic. It was "Is the Presidency Overrated?" The speech was actually kind of boring. Perhaps because I already heard a lot of the types of things he was saying before. He asked the audience who was going to vote for Hillary and who was going to vote for Obama. The majority chose Obama. I have a feeling that Hillary is going to have a hard time here in Oregon. At least in the more metropolitan areas. But that also is going to be what will make things interesting. We always have such different views between the metro and the rural areas that the vote will probably be really close. One of the things the speaker said was he was worried about any candidate that had too much of a Messiah following. I have a tendency to agree with him.

Hillary is going to be in Hillsboro this Saturday at Liberty High School to speak in a town hall type meeting. I RSVP'd. Doors open at 8 am. Looks like I will be camping out. This ought to be interesting to say the least. I may not go. But at least I got my RSVP in.

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